Registration and Rules for Specific Instruments


Students are eligible to participate in WMTA Auditions and Competitions through their WMTA Teachers. Registration occurs through the teachers.

District Auditions are open to all students in Grades 1-12, as well as adult students. More information can be found about District Auditions here.

If performance and theory scores qualify, the student can compete at the Regional level.

If a student is a designated winner at the Regional Keyboard Level in grades 7-12, they can advance to the State Keyboard Level.

State competition information can be found here:

State Vocal/Instrumental/Ensemble Auditions

State Keyboard Duets Competition

State Keyboard Competition

There are four “Tracks” (participation levels) available to the student: D2, D2-Non Memorized, D3, and Regionals

Rules common to all Tracks:

  • Students must provide the judge with an original score (no photocopies), with every measure numbered.
    • For students Grade 7 and above, one point will be deducted from total performance points if every measure is not numbered.
  • Compositions must be at least 16 measures long, excluding repeats
    • Two or more pieces that are less than 16 measures, but by the same composer, may be grouped as a suite to meet this requirement.
  • All students must take a Music Theory Test.
  • Students will receive written comments, a certificate of participation, their graded Music Theory Test, and points.
  • Teachers may not change repertoire choices, track, or theory level after application deadline has passed.
  • Use of recording devices during District Auditions performances is prohibited.
  • Neither students nor parents may discuss or challenge the score (points awarded) with the judge.
  • Please see this link for Repertoire information.

Auditions for each instrument may not be held in every District. Please contact your Local District Chair during the Fall preceding the audition date if you have students who wish to participate.

Click Instruments for Specific Rules:

Non WMTA Member Teachers

We encourage all Teachers to become WMTA Members and can do so by registering here.

Not a WMTA member: Teachers who are not WMTA members by October 15 may enter students in District Auditions by paying a $150 non-member fee. Mail your $150 fee to the current STATE CHAIR, payable to WMTA. Contact the state chair for the mailing address. Use the District Chair link below.

Previous WMTA members: MTNA sends several reminders to renew your membership between April and September each year. If you missed the Oct 15 membership renewal deadline, to enter students in auditions you must submit your $150 late fee, made out to WMTA, to the current STATE CHAIR. Contact them for the mailing address. Use the District Chair link below.

New WMTA members are allowed to enter students for auditions without paying the late fee. They must not have been a previous MTNA/WMTA member, and they need to have paid their dues (by registering here) well in advance of their district’s audition deadline.

Contact your District Chair (with the link: District Chair Information) ASAP or at least 6 weeks prior to your application due date for the entry details.

Entering Students in a Different District

Permission must be obtained from that Local District Chair before that District’s entry deadline.

  1. All records remain in the teacher’s Local District.
  2. Fees for the student(s) are sent to the Local District Chair where the student will perform.
  3. Audition fees cannot be refunded or transferred to other Districts.
  4. All materials will be sent to the student’s teacher after the Audition.
  5. Awards will be ordered by the teacher’s Local District Chair.