State Vocal/Instrumental/Ensemble Auditions

WMTA offers students the opportunity for grades 4-12 and Adult to advance beyond the District Vocal, Instrumental and Ensemble event to compete against their grade-divisions for the title of State Winner. The State Vocal/Instrumental/Ensemble Competition (or State V/I/E) includes the State Keyboard Duet Track and the State Adult Keyboard Track. 


  • Enter in the State Track at the District Auditions
  • Receive qualifying scores at the District Auditions (performance scores: 5-5-4 and theory 80% minimum).
  • Pieces chosen must comply with repertoire requirements, and not exceed 15 minutes.

WHEN: Saturday, May 11, 2024
WHERE: UW Stevens Point
Solos & Duets: $30
Ensembles (3-5 student performers): $40
Ensembles (6-10 student performers): $50
Checks payable to WMTA, send checks & Fee Summary form to Opala Bilhorn 508 Campus St. Site 3, Milton, WI 53563



  • Students are grouped into graded divisions.
  • The adjudicator listens to all the performers in a division and declares a Winner, Runner-Up and Honorable Mention(s).
  • The Winner has the opportunity to perform at a recital that afternoon/evening.
  • In the event the Winner cannot perform, the Runner Up is invited to perform.

 Points: Students will earn 15 for Winner plus Winners Trophy, 14 for Runner Up plus trophy, 13 for Honorable Mention and all receive certificates.

Performance Time Constraints:

  • All performances will be held to a strict 15 minute time limit.
  • There will be no option to ask for time extension.
  • To maintain the determined schedule, judges will cut students off if they exceed time limits.
  • Teachers are to choose repertoire that is in line with these requirements, and/or prepare students to be cut off if their program exceeds 15 min.

More information can be found here for Ensembles and here for Vocal.

Any questions regarding WMTA State Vocal/Instrumental/Ensemble Competition, contact Opala Bilhorn, NCTM