District Auditions

District Auditions provides an opportunity for students to receive comments and recognition for their accomplishments outside the classroom. Teachers entering students into WMTA auditions must be active WMTA members by early October.
Non-member fee for entering students into WMTA auditions is $150.

Eligibility: Open for students of:

Grades:   Grades 1-12 and Adults

When:   February – April See Link

Where: See Link

Registration Fee: Fee depends on audition type See Link

The next steps: WMTA member teachers should let their local district chair know you are interested in entering students and how to reach you.  Find your local district contact info and audition locations/dates here
Map of the Districts in Wisconsin 

Students must study with WMTA members in good standing as of October 15 of the preceding year. If an educator is not currently active, they may click here to renew or click here to join as a new member. Teachers will enter students to WMTA competitions.

Teachers may only enter their own students, and not those of another teacher.

Teachers who enter students in WMTA auditions are expected to volunteer and work the day of auditions. Click here for more information.


If you have questions, please contact your Local District Chair.

Please find the Scoring Rubric here.

Piano Music” by Ian Prince/ CC0 1.0