Email wisconsinmta@gmail.com to inquire about this opportunity .

Become a Sponsor

Conference registration fees cover just 55% of the costs associated with running the WMTA Conference, and we depend on the goodwill of conference participants, foundations, and local businesses who understand the importance of music education to make up the difference. Business contributions and sponsorships are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Interested in attending WMTA Conference as a contributor? We welcome our colleagues at music-related companies to join us at our conferences.

What can you expect as a sponsor?
  • Relationship-building opportunities for you and our conference attendees.
  • Educational opportunities for you to present the latest technologies and product lines.
  • Demonstrations of how the tools your company provides is meeting the needs of the higher educational technology sector through one-on-one meeting with participants.
  • Opportunities to share special offers with the vibrant WMTA community.
  • Listed as a sponsor on the website, www.wmta.net, with link to Sponsor’s website for one year.
  • Listed as a sponsor in the Conference program and on all publicity for conference.
  • Name as a sponsor on the Conference’s stage screen before the start of each day of the Conference.
  • Thanked as a sponsor during the Conference introduction.
  • Display the sponsor’s banner during the Conference.
  • Provided with a complementary table at the Conference for sponsor materials.
  • One year free advertising in WMTA publications.
  • Two free tickets to the WMTA Conference.
Goodie Promotion

If you are a sponsor, you may included a Goodie Bag Promotion item.  These bags will be handed out to all participants of the event. 

If you have products to sell, services to advertise, business cards to give away, or events to promote, you can add your insert to our goodie bags. Inserts are typically a single sheet of paper, a brochure, or the equivalent. If you are not participating as a sponsor, the fee to add your information $35.  You may choose to donate a door prize worth $35 in lieu of the fee. 

You are responsible for providing the items to be added.  WMTA will not print these for you. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a part of our conference, please contact wisconsinmta@gmail.com for more information.