Repertoire Information


  • Consult the Eligible Baroque and Classical Composers List if your track requires a piece from these eras
  • Transcriptions are not allowed for solo keyboard performances
  • Published compositions that reference/arrange Folk songs/Spirituals are allowed
  • Compositions must be at least 16 measures long, excluding repeats
    • Two or more pieces that are less than 16 measures, but by the same composer, may be grouped as a suite to meet this requirement.
  • Piano: All other arrangements are not allowed:
    • Simplified standard repertoire is considered an arrangement and is not
    • Hymn arrangements are not allowed (except for organ)
  • Original manuscripts with no composer (“Anonymous”) are allowed
  • Students may perform one or more movements from Suites and Sonatas/Sonatinas
  • Students may perform any selection of variations from Theme and Variation sets
  • Students may perform either the Prelude or Fugue of a set, or both
  • For all repertoire, make sure the correct option is selected when registering Minuet and Trio compositions must be performed in their entirety
  • Vocal/Instrumental/Ensemble: Arrangements are allowed
  • Musical Theater works are not allowed (except for Vocal tracks)
  • Student compositions are not allowed
  • Only published music is allowed
  • Exceptions are for unpublished works by a composer whose other works are published; permission must be obtained by your District Chair before the application due date
  • Number all measures of each piece that will be performed
  • Changes to repertoire can be made only up until the application due date
  • If legally downloaded music is used, it must be accompanied by this “Copyright Representation and Indemnification Agreement Form”
    • Questions about copyright law? Click here.


  • Students whose repertoire does not follow the rules will be disqualified
    • Disqualified students will still be allowed to play for comments, but no points
  • If you have any questions about whether a piece can be used or not, contact your District Chair at least six weeks before the application due date
    • The decision of the District Auditions Chair is final in any disputes over repertoire
    • For some examples of piano pieces that are not allowed, with explanation, click here