MTNA Foundation

To quote the MTNA website, “When you make a contribution to the MTNA Foundation Fund, you are helping us work for a more musical tomorrow through programs that nurture the creation, performance, study and teaching of music.  The Foundation Fund is the repository for all funds from the former MTNA Foundation that was integrated into MTNA on July 1, 2003. It is the fund that receives all tax-deductible contributions to MTNA, and is held and maintained separately from MTNA funds. Since the establishment of the MTNA Foundation in 1989, many thousands of dollars have been provided in grants and awards to students, gifted composers, outstanding teachers and performers and to local associations.”

In Wisconsin, we hold a silent auction at the state conference each year in order to raise funds to be sent to MTNA.  When we have a Foundation Fellow, all monies raised are used to fund the Fellow, which is a cost of $1000.  Fellows can be nominated by any individual or local association.  When WMTA monies are used, the Executive Board votes on the nominee(s).  Voting is usually done at the June board meetings. Nominations should be made to the state president or Foundation chair in the spring.

The Wisconsin MTNA Foundation Chair is:  Shannon Whaples, NCTM Foundation Chair. Please contact her at:

All information about the MTNA Foundation can be found at the following link.

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Wisconsin MTNA Foundation Fellows

Year HonoredName
2003 FellowCarol  Winborne
2005 FellowJames C. Norden NCTM
2006 FellowJoyce L. Grill NCTM
2007 FellowCarmen E. Shaw NCTM
2008 FellowTeresa M. Weber
2009 FellowValerie C. Cisler NCTM
2011 FellowLaura Ann Swenson NCTM
2012 FellowGail Alix Heywood NCTM
2014 FellowCarol A. Klose
2015 FellowJoan M. Davies NCTM
2015 FellowHoward  Karp
2016 FellowJessica G. Johnson NCTM
2017 FellowJo Ann Hobbs
2018 FellowJane H Scheef
2019 FellowAnna J. Asch
2020 FellowDeanna R. Roen
2022 FellowCatherine  Walby NCTM
2023 FellowNicholas Phillips, NCTM
2024 Fellow