State Keyboard Duets & State Adult Track Competitions

State Keyboard Duet & State Adult Track General Overview

– Three contrasting pieces (one must be by either a Baroque or Classical composer)

– Different composers required for all three pieces

– Register in accordance with your District Audition deadline, with fees paid to your District Chair

– Duet participants and Adults with qualifying scores of no less than 5-5-4 and and each student earning an 80% or better on their theory test may advance to the State Competition

Venue and Date for the State Keyboard Competition for Duets and Adults are:

When: Saturday, May 11, 2024
Where: UW-Stevens Point

Registration must be postmarked by Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

Registration fee for State Competition is $30, payable to WMTA along with Summary Fee Statement document must be postmarked by April 3, 2024.

Opala Bilhorn, 508 Campus St Suite 3, Milton, WI 53563


  • Only for grades 4 -12.
  • Duet partners must both be currently studying with a WMTA member, but they don’t need to be studying with the same teacher 
  • Students can enter with only one duet partner per year 
  • Duets are judged as a team, not as individuals 
  • Arrangements are allowed. 
  • Three contrasting pieces (one must be either Baroque or Classical era composer) by different composers 
  • Memorization is not required 
  • Must have 2 original scores 
  • A page-turner is allowed, but cannot be either student’s teacher 
  • Qualifying duet teams have earned a minimum of 14 performance points and each duet partner  has received a minimum of 4 theory points
  • Only repertoire composed/arranged for piano 4 hands is eligible
  • Students must play at least one primo and one secondo part

Please see details here.