State Keyboard Duets

When registering for District Auditions, in addition to Solo track, students have the option to enter at
Duet track by preparing 3 contrasting pieces (one must be either Baroque or Classical composer,
different composers for all 3 pieces).

Register in accordance with your District Audition deadlines, with fees paid to your District Chair.

The duet team may advance to the Regional Competition, Duets and Adults with qualifying scores of no less than 5-5-4,
and each student must have achieved 80%, or a 4, or better on their theory test.

Venue and Date for the Regional (State) Keyboard Competition for Duets and Adults are:

Where: Saturday, May 13, 2023
When: UW-Oshkosh

Registration must be postmarked by Wednesday, April 5.

Registration fee for Regional Competition is $30, payable to WMTA along with Summary Fee Statement document must be postmarked by April 5.

Mary Anne Olvera
664 Louise Lane
Hudson, WI 54016


  • Only for grades 4 -12.
  • Duet partners must both be currently studying with a WMTA member, but they don’t need to be studying with the same teacher 
  • Students can enter with only one duet partner per year 
  • Duets are judged as a team, not as individuals 
  • Arrangements are allowed. 
  • Three contrasting pieces (one must be either Baroque or Classical era composer) by different composers 
  • Memorization is not required 
  • Must have 2 original scores 
  • A page-turner is allowed, but cannot be either student’s teacher 
  • Qualifying duet teams have earned a minimum of 14 performance points and each duet partner  has received a minimum of 4 theory points
  • Only repertoire composed/arranged for piano 4 hands is eligible
  • Students must play at least one primo and one secondo part

Please see details here.