Our organization is committed to offering events that engage, uplift and connect teachers to relevant topics and to each other. We are passionate about keeping the spark of excitement going on a musician’s journey. We support the mission of the Wisconsin Music Teacher’s Association.

We are a diverse group of teachers that span across the southeastern suburbs of Milwaukee. The level of experience of the members spans from high school students becoming teachers, teachers returning to the field, to professors at local colleges. The experiences we share with each other build solid pedagogy for the musicians we have been given to nurture.

The group meets 4 times a year. Presentations support pedagogy development and range in topics from the effects of fingering on sound production, relaxation in technique, jazz improvisation and more. Let me know what you would like to learn about and we will do it!

Meeting format can include a business meeting, presentation and light luncheon so we can ask questions of the presenter and chat amongst ourselves or a simple sharing between members on a topic or a masterclass where students can attend and participate.

We look forward to meeting you! Please contact myself anytime at betsy_hegwood@yahoo.com.

Visit our website at http://wmtagmc.wix.com/musiclesson

Warmest regards,

Betsy Hegwood