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MTNA Collegiate Chapters Mission:

MTNA collegiate chapters serve as a connection to the larger established community of long-time music professionals—a community committed to and interested in inspiring and developing its future members and the music-teaching profession as a whole. Recognizing the needs of those preparing for a successful career as a professional music teacher in an ever-evolving and competitive age of digital dependency and technological influence, the goal of MTNA collegiate chapters is to be the foundation of educational, musical, social and professional experience for music teachers throughout their course of formal study and to help open doors through professional opportunities and career options in the field of music.  –adapted from,

Wisconsin MTNA Collegiate Chapters:

LaCrosse Area MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Advisors: Dr. Mary Tollefson, NCTM (UW LaCrosse), Dr. Timothy Schorr, NCTM (Viterbo University)

Lawrence University MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Advisor: Ms. Mary Van De Loo, NCTM

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Advisor: Dr. Nicholas Phillips

University of Wisconsin-Madison MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Chapter Website:
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Johnson, NCTM

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Chapter Name: Oshkosh Collegiate Music Teachers Association (OCMTA)
Chapter Facebook:
Advisors: Dr. Eli Kalman, Ms. Treshani Perera

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Advisor: Dr. Molly Roseman

University of Wisconsin-Superior MTNA Collegiate Chapter
Advisor: Dr. Beth Gilbert

Wisconsin MTNA Collegiate Chapters Facebook Group: