WMTA is excited that you are considering joining our association!

Becoming a member of WMTA means that you are choosing to take an active role in music education.  Membership will allow you to network with other music professionals and grow as a musician and teacher.  Your students will also grow through the many programs available to them.

Membership levels include the following:

National Level-Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
State Level-Wisconsin Music Teachers Association (WMTA)
Local Level-a local association in your area; there are 13 across the state. Follow this link to find out more about local associations.

Membership in MTNA and WMTA, simultaneously, is required.  You are not required to join a local association, though you are strongly encouraged to do so as this is where you will gain the most professionally and personally.  Local associations are the backbone of our state.

In order to join MTNA, WMTA, and a local association of your choice, you should go to the page listed below on the MTNA website.  You may join online or contact the national office directly.  The national office handles all levels of membership and then sends rebates to the state and local level.  It’s one stop shopping!