WMTA Audition Rates


WMTA Auditions Rates

Effective 2023 Audition Season revised 11/22/22

Item2023 Rate
District Auditions are THE FIRST Auditions that ALL students participate in.
District Keyboard & District V/I/E
D2 Solo or Duet (two pieces)$         25.00 
D2-NM (piano solo)$         25.00 
D3$         30.00 
Regional/State Piano Solo$         30.00 
State Duet Keyboard and V/I/E: (three pieces) $         30.00 
Ensemble: 3-5 student performers$         35.00 
Ensemble: 6-10 student performers$         45.00 
After District Auditions, Students who qualify progress to Regional Piano & State V/I/E auditions.
Regional Piano & State V/I/E/Duet & State Adult Division
Solo$         30.00 
Duet: Keyboard and V/I/E:  (3 pieces)$         30.00 
Ensemble: 3-5 performers$         40.00 
Ensemble: 6-10 performers$         50.00 
The 18 Regional Piano Winners will be invited to compete at the TRUE STATE Competition.  

True State Piano
Entry fee per student$         40.00 
Audience day pass: Adult$         10.00 
Audience day pass: Student$           5.00 
Audience day pass: Age 5 and underfree
WMTA Young Composers Competition
Entry Fee$         35.00 
WI MTNA Competitions
entry fee: no changes are made at state level