Mentoring Program

The mentoring program in Wisconsin is designed to help facilitate information from MTNA, WMTA, and the Local Association to new members within our state organization.  Please contact your local representative for more information and support in your area: List of Local Associations

In Homer’s Tale “The Odyssey”, Mentor was a wise and trusted friend as well as a counselor and advisor to his Odysseus. Odysseus’ confidence in Mentor was so great that Odysseus entrusted him with the full care and education of his son. To be a mentor means a wise and trustworthy sage and advisor. WMTA strives to mentor our new members in career development, assisting with program and services education and providing emotional support.

A person has been designated from each of our local associations as a mentoring chairperson. The mentoring chairperson of each local association contacts and helps the new members to become more familiar with the opportunities and events that MTNA, WMTA and the Local Association has to offer them. Local presidents and treasurers receive information from the state and national level about new members; they then pass this information to the local association mentoring chair. The local mentoring chairpersons also contact prospective new members.