Composer Commissioning Program

WMTA and MTNA are dedicated to encouraging the creation of new works by composers.  We collaborate annually through the national Composer Commissioning program. A newly commissioned composition receives its premiere at the WMTA conference each year.

For the WMTA Composer Commissioning program, a commission is for the successful creation of a new musical work, for which WMTA will pay a commission fee, and MTNA will match those funds. A commission is not a prize for an extant composition; rather, it is meaningful encouragement for a recognized composer to create a new musical work after formal agreement is reached.

To further promote and recognize outstanding contributions to American music, MTNA has its state affiliates submit their commissioned works to a panel of recognized composers for selection of the MTNA Distinguished Composer of the Year.  The new work of the selected composer is presented in a performance at the next MTNA National Conference. The selected composer receives a $5,000 award.

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