Arts Awareness and Advocacy Forum

The Arts Awareness and Advocacy Forum acts as a source of information regarding the status of music and the arts in Wisconsin schools and communities. The state chairperson facilitates advocacy needs and has an awareness of what is happening around the state.  The chairperson also regularly contributes a column to the WMTA Newsletter about advocacy related topics relevant to WMTA members.

In 2005, the WMTA Advocacy Forum led a “Teachers Helping Teachers” disaster relief campaign, raising thousands of dollars in music instruments, books and cash, which was sent to our fellow MTNA members in the hurricane affected region of Louisiana.

Currently, the advocacy chairperson of WMTA maintains a partnership with the Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education (WAME). WAME works to educate communities and state representatives about the importance of music education.

If you have concerns about the arts in your community or have ideas about advocacy issues in the Wisconsin, please share them.

For more information on WAME, visit:

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