Teacher Volunteers

Teachers who enter students in WMTA District Auditions are expected to be to work on the day of the auditions.  Depending on the size of the district and the number of teachers and students, a participating teacher may need to work the whole audition day.  If the teacher is not able to attend on the event day, a reliable substitute must fulfill the work shift.  Please be courteous of your site chairperson and provide as much advance notice as possible about any assigned work changes.

  • If a teacher has been assigned to work and either does not arrive, or has not provided a substitute, a fine of $75.00 (payable to WMTA and sent to the District Chair) will be charged to the teacher. If the fee is not paid within 30 days of being issued, the teacher is not eligible to enter students in the event the following year.  This also applies if the teacher or substitute does not fulfill the entire assigned work shift.  The event chairperson has discretion to waive the fine, based on extenuating circumstances.