Composers Time Period Reference List

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WMTA Composer List Information

The WMTA Composer list is to be used as a historical guideline to assist teachers in finding a composer’s time-period.   Not all composers are on this list (especially 20th century and current) due to the ever changing/growing number of composers and compositions.

ANY reputable published composer/composition that clearly falls into a specific time period is allowed – including “anonymous”.

But, please note: “popular” music or arrangements of popular music are not allowed for WMTA auditions events.

RECENT ADDITION in 2012: There are TWO 20th century categories:

Classic 20th Century: (mostly prior to 1975)

Represents composers such as Kabalevsky, Bartok, Joplin, Khatchaturian.

Trans 20th/21st Century: (mostly 1975 to today)
Represents recent composers such as Catherine Rollin, Dennia Alexander, Melody Bober, Robert Vandall and Kevin Olson.

Any questions about composers that are not clearly in one or the other, consult the district chairperson for their input.

Style Periods:

Renaissance                       1450-1600

Baroque                               1600-1750
Classical                               1750-1825
Romantic                             1825-1900

Impressionist                    1890-1910

Classic 20th Century        1900-1975

Trans 20th/21st                1975-Today

Due to the large number of current/20th century (and beyond) piano/instrumental composers, only 20th century percussion composers are specifically included in the composers list.

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Composers – listed alphabetically


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