The Teacher Award of Excellence is an accolade WMTA is pleased to present to WMTA member teachers based on their students’ achievements in WMTA events.  Inspirational and skilled educators can help children envision bright futures and realize great accomplishments. The WMTA Teacher Award of Excellence recognizes and promotes excellence in music teaching in our state by honoring individual members whose students demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in WMTA events.

Teachers accumulate “points” toward their Teacher Award of Excellence as their students earn plaques and bars at WMTA events. Each plaque or bar earned by a student results in one point for the teacher. For example, if a teacher has a student who has earned 75 points, he or she would have received 3 awards: a 22-point plaque, a 50-point bar, and a 75-point bar. Thus, the teacher would have three points towards the Award of Excellence.

A teacher’s first Award of Excellence is given when he/she reaches 10 points, the next award at 50 points, and subsequent awards for each 25 points thereafter.

A student’s title of “winner” “runner up” or “honorable mention” at a WMTA event does not constitute an additional point for the teacher. The points they received from these awards count toward their point totals (which in turn generate the teacher’s points) but the designation itself does not become another point for the teacher.

Recipients of this award are recognized at the annual state conference banquet.

To receive any of these awards, WMTA teachers are encouraged to submit their total points, along with a list of their students and the awards (plaques and bars) the students have won to the WMTA Teacher Award of Excellence chair.

Chair: Drea Wagner, NCTM
This year’s deadline for submitting information is September 15th, 2015.