Points awarded are based on performance and musicianship test grades.

Students may earn up to 5 points for each piece performed, unless entered in Track D2-NM where 4 points is the maximum.

Students may earn up to 5 points for the Musicianship Test.

Musicianship test points are awarded as follows:

90 – 100% = 5 points

80 – 89%   = 4 points

70 – 79%   = 3 points

60 -69%    = 2 points

50 – 59%   = 1 point

These points are to be awarded to Adult students as well.


Points earned in different areas (composition points) or different instruments (piano, voice, brass, strings, woodwind, percussion) are totaled separately and will not be combined.  Students will earn separate awards in each area.

NOTE:  all points earned for the same instrument WILL be combined.  For instance:  piano solo points (from both district auditions and Badger competition), any piano duet points (from both district and Badger) and High School Virtuoso piano points will all be added together toward awards for that student in the area of piano.  If they enter another instrument, or voice, that would be totaled separately.  And, again, any composition points for that students are also totaled separately.


  • Each student who participates will receive 10 points.
  • Winners will receive 5 additional points and a trophy.
  • Runners-up, if chosen, will receive 4 points.
  • Honorable Mentions, if chosen, will receive 3 points.



The first award is a 22-point plaque.  The subsequent bars are to be attached to the plaque and this continues as the plaques and bars accumulate.


1. The Award of Excellence awards are presented to WMTA member teachers based on participation of their students in WMTA auditions.

2. One point is given to the teacher for each award their students earn through WMTA/MTNA events.

3. Teachers receive an award certificate after earning 10 points, 50 points and again after 75 points.  When a teacher has earned 100 points, a plaque is awarded followed by bars in 25-point increments (in the same manner that the students awards are distributed.)

4. To receive any of these awards, the teacher should submit a list of students and the awards they have won to the Teacher Award of Excellence Chair.  See the WMTA Newsletter for WMTA Officers list.