Member Newsletter

WMTA publishes a quarterly newsletter, available to members during the first week of the months of February, May, August and December.  A link will be emailed to each member once the information is available and links will be simultaneously updated on this page of the website. For members who do not have email, hard copies will be mailed via USPS.  There is no opt out option available.

Submission deadlines are as follows:

February Newsletter Deadline – January 15
May Newsletter Deadline – April 15
August Newsletter Deadline – July 15
December Newsletter Deadline – November 15

Current Issue & Archives

December 2017 Newsletter, Color
December 2017 Newsletter, Black and White

August 2017 Newsletter, Color
August 2017 Newsletter, Black and White

May 2017 Newsletter, Color
May 2017 Newsletter, Black and White

February 2017 Newsletter, Color
February 2017 Newsletter – Black and White

December 2016 Newsletter, Digital Color Version
December 2016 Newsletter, Printable Version

August 2016 Newsletter, Digital Color Version
August 2016 Newsletter, Printable Version

May 2016 Newsletter
February 2016 Newsletter
December 2015 Newsletter
August 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter
February 2015 Newsletter
December 2014 Newsletter
August 2014 Newsletter